Create Christmas Calm

The Christmas Holiday Season is very demanding of us in so many ways. We have lists upon lists for shopping, for events, for meal preparations, for decorations, and on and on! It is overwhelming!

Then there are the expectations and stresses around family and old hurts and traumas that get triggered. Many suffer the grief and loss of loved ones at this time of year. Many get depressed.

Come and join us for an experience of a different way to de-stress and create a more positive reality.

Maureen will give a brief explanation of her Inner Resonance protocol and then take you through a direct experience of allowing you to transform how you feel, instantly and permanently.

This is different from anything else you have ever tried. You must experience it to believe it.

Your own system already has the programs to know how to be free of old build up permanently. The Inner Resonance system activates and wakes up those programs automatically and effortlessly.

While all this happens beyond your conscious mind and your body’s need to re-experience anything, you get to go on holiday somewhere in your mind. I know! Too easy!!

We all know how it feels to be in the Flow but haven’t always had the ability to create that at will. The end-result of the Inner Resonance experience will give you a tool to daily tap into a quick way to de-stress and get back into your calm core.

The IRT signature Touch Breath is a point on your body programmed to activate good chemistry in your brain and body with a single breath.

Come and co-create your Christmas Calm and flow effortlessly with the JOY of the season and always.


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