Questions and answers about Inner Resonance Transformation (IRT)

Is IRT like Reiki, coaching, counseling, Jin Shin Do, any other modality or service?

No. IRT is a catalyst for all other modalities to make them even more efficient.

What is a catalyst and how does IRT do this?

A catalyst is something that is added to something else, activating change and then is removed, itself remaining unchanged.
By shifting the underlying root core causes and everything that has become associated or connected with the issue wanting help, IRT activates the individual’s own system to rebalance and harmonize itself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What is IRT?

Basically, IRT asks 7 questions that allows you to set the inner conditions and agreements that allow your system to heal itself.
IRT re-activates the built in programs that have been interrupted by stress or trauma of some kind, switching on the bodymind’s innate ability to rebalance and harmonize itself by clearing out those interference patterns.

What is an interference pattern?

Information stored by the system to protect you from being hurt. When the dangers are over, these protections become blocks to your system being fully functional, using up considerable energy on storing these outdated memories. They become patterns of automatic, reactive behaviours, inappropriately expressed.

What conditions does IRT help?  

Physical: from simple injuries to serious, chronic and terminal illnesses, IRT empowers you to activate the self-healing regenerative programs of the body through the power of the mind and spirit, which have command over the physical, human world.
E.g. arthritis, asthma, cancer, surgeries, accidents, addictions, IBS etc.

Mental/Emotional: Because every thought or emotion has a chemical signature in the system, IRT helps to create a chemistry of wholeness, allowing pathways to get switched back on. By clearing the pain or “charge” from old memories in the bodymind systems, clarity, insights and information are available with more objectivity, allowing healthier, more productive choices. This results in achieving more of your potential.
e.g. PTSD, trauma, sexual abuse, stress overload, addictions etc.

Spiritual: When confusion and old pain are released, new found clarity leads to freedom to know and express more of who you truly are, feeling connected and whole, sometimes for the first time. This brings meaning and inner peace to all parts of your life.
e.g. feeling confused, lost, directionless, unknown purpose, lonely, disconnected.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        How many sessions do people need?

Normally, 1-5 sessions (of an hour or two) are helpful for the main issues that need help. Why I suggest 5 is because the first time the subconscious (whose job is to protect us) encounters something outside of its experience, it is cautiously accepting and sometimes invalidating after the fact; the second time the new information is accepted on the logical side of the brain; the third time on the emotional side of the brain and the fourth time, greater integration is allowed; 5 is the number of positive change and the number of grace. 5 is the Fifth Element and the basic building block of nature. However, you decide how many sessions and how often they are appropriate. Because this is such an empowering model, from the first session you have the tools for continuing your own process on a daily basis. However if you book and pay for a package of 5 sessions up front there is a discount.

Is the benefit permanent or do the issues come back over time?

For most people, the issues are resolved permanently, but only your system knows what it can handle at any given time, so everyone has a different response. You are however, equipped with tools  for self healing to keep “peeling off the layers” as needed on a daily basis.

Who Attends Your Workshops?

Other professionals:
i.e. coaches, addiction specialists, counselors, hypnotherapists, etc., who want both self-care tools and a catalyst for moving their most challenged clients through those resistant, stuck spots rapidly, with ease, grace and self direction.
i.e. massage therapists, Jin Shin Do practitioners, physiotherapists, chiropractors, naturopaths, integrative medical doctors, yoga and fitness instructors, etc. to help their clients release chronic patterns in the bodymind, allowing faster response and more successful treatments.
Individuals wanting to transform their lives and possibly help their family and friends.
Individuals looking to develop a career in the self help/healing arts.

How many participants are in a workshop?

Generally, Minimum 6, maximum depends entirely on venue.

Where do you hold your workshops?

Wherever people want to gather. I am a traveler.  You build it and I will come! Many of my trainings are online for convenience.

How did you develop IRT?

Inner Resonance Transformation has evolved out of my own personal journey of healing, as is often the case with new discoveries.
The death of my mother before my first daughter was a year old put me on a spiritual quest that was the foundation for much of what followed

When my children were very young, I found myself in a steadily deteriorating relationship, and so I went for psychiatric help, as I could not resolve my situation alone. With that help and with my developing spiritual understanding, I did my best to use the situation to make myself better: a crucible if you will! (I am certain that my “ex” has a completely different view of this time!!)

A childhood trauma was triggered when my girls were 4 and 6, and so my search for healing was intensified, knowing it must affect every part of me in ways that I could never fully understand consciously. I went back to my psychiatrist who was not able to help me, but referred me to hands on healers, a very wise man!

I threw myself headlong into a variety of workshops and techniques where everyone around me was processing their old pain, apparently successfully- except me! I was even a failure at getting better it seemed! The “better” I was becoming, the worse my marriage seemed to get, and so the inevitable life of the single mother became a reality the year my children turned 8 and 10.

Before the 23 year marriage ended I had been drawn to take training with a man named Roger La Chance whose work changed names over the years from the Unicorn Method to Release Work. I was the first practitioner to bring Roger’s work to Canada and certified over a hundred people in his method as practitioners and teachers. I also served on the Board of Directors of his newly formed International Release Worker’s Association.

However, as my own experience and knowledge grew, that organization could not contain my inquiring, independent creativity.
I realized finally that it was time for me to take responsibility for my own gifts which were rapidly unfolding and to start teaching and sharing my own discoveries.

I discovered that I had the gift of “ignorance”. Because of not having formal degrees in any scientific or medical fields, I was free to ask questions that others were too conditioned not to ask as the answers were already “known” and accepted as the only reality in the paradigm of the time.
The answers that I was getting in my “labs” of private sessions and workshops combined to surprise even me in their profundity!

I can honestly say that most of what I have learned in this field has been given to me by my clients and students, in process together. When I first started giving workshops, I felt that I should be paying participants for their knowledge instead of the other way around!

Well, it appears that I have the gift to be able to ask the right questions around the inter-relationship of information, some of which has been known for a long time and other, new research and discoveries in a variety of fields. I have then integrated this information as I have observed its effectiveness (or not) and reduced it all to a simple essence that has an amazingly profound affect.

The seven questions that are currently the distillation of 25 years of refinement are continuously in process and always evolving with every workshop I teach and every new scientific and medical discovery that reaches me.

Teaching concepts, I also provide a dialogue template for the beginning level student who may or may not choose to continue to be a facilitator.
This enables everyone, no matter what their background, to read off the sheet to someone with an issue, to help resolve that permanently for most people, without either party having to believe in the technique.
I find that remarkable!

That makes the possibilities very exciting to me!!

The hope and expectation of continuing students is that they will take the concepts and make the process their own by personalizing the dialogue, adapting and integrating the process with whomever they are and whatever they already do.

The name of this work has also changed and evolved over time, originally Body Mind Magic, then Inner Resonance Technologies, now upshifting once again to Inner Resonance Transformation.

And so the journey continues…

Please contact me for a free Discovery Session by clicking on the link on the home page to find out how this amazing work can support and serve you.