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My Book is Now Available

My Book: Your Magical Evolutionary Code is now available for download.

The Science of Inner Resonance PDF Version –  Maureen Edwardson, the originator of Inner Resonance Technologies (IRT), has been sharing these techniques, fully explained in this “How To” book, for over twenty years.

Gain a very practical ‘how to’ application of the universal, scientific principles of Inner Resonance that effortlessly and automatically self-clear the way to birth new realities, sometimes instantly!

Instant download

Don’t want to use paypal.  I accept major credit cards and Canadian Residents may purchase through Interac. Email 

Have a personal experience with Inner Resonance with a complimentary session

My Book originally available on Amazon.

It is sold out unless you want to purchase one from a reseller.

Thankyou Linda Diane Taylor who worked overtime to get it transcribed into a pdf.

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