My Gift To You

Complimentary Discovery Session

30 minutes by phone or Skype.

Just For You

Private Inner Resonance Technologies Session

In person, by telephone or Online  $333 per session 1-2 hours

Timeless (Package of 5 sessions $888, when booked and paid for in advance)




  Individual Session



  Package of Five




Workshop  Level 1: Personal Clearing

For those who want to transform their lives:

2 full days

Experiential/ Hands On Training   $777/ $666 preregistration/non refundable deposit $166

  • Why do we constantly repeat actions and behaviours that do not serve us?
  • Why does our body regenerate unhealthy cells?
  • Why do we have genetic predispositions to certain illnesses or situations?
  • Learn how to reprogram your bodymind
  • Clear whatever is keeping you from innate health, wisdom and abundance
  • Become the limitless being that you are!


   Deposit 166.00


   Preregistration 666.00


   Registration 777.00


Level 1: One Day Personal Clearing Intensive:

Condensed version of weekend


For those with limited time and resources that want the bones  $444/ $333 preregistered); 9-5 pm


  Preregistration 333.00

  Registration 444.00

Introductory Evenings

At Various Locations

Evening Introductory Experiences with small groups 

Check out my news and events for the current offerings

I Am A Speaker

Public and Private Speaking Events

I speak at varied venues including churches, trade shows and private events.   My audience includes but is not limited to health care workers, support workers and first responders, First Nations and the general public.  

Check my news and events for the current public speaking events or email me at if you would like to book me for your group.

More Workshops & Training

Level 2: Introduction to Facilitation

2 full days $777/ $666 preregistered/ $166 non refundable deposit

For those who want to practice this work with friends and family.
Extensive practice with beginning development of personal templates based on Resonance concepts

   Deposit 166.00


   Preregistration 666.00


   Registration 777.00


Level 1 – 2 Combo

Level 1 – 2 Combo:  See descriptions of both levels above which will be offered in combination in a 4 successive day format or over 2 weekends.

Combined in immediate succession is recommended for greatest value and effectiveness.

Investment is $1333 pre-registered/ $1444 regular tuition requires $444 nonrefundable deposit.

   Deposit 444.00

   Preregistration 1333.00

   Registration 1444.00

Level 3: Facilitator Certification

3  Full days format. $999/ $888 preregistered/ $222 non refundable deposit

Pre Requisite:  Level 1 and 2 plus practicum of 11 different clients with 1-4 documented sessions each before training.

For those who want to understand the unlimited possibilities of this work in the full range of potential areas that IRT facilitates. 

To be able to practice IRT professionally and be listed officially on this website. 

You will leave with your own template in language that works for you with full understanding of the concepts to be flexible with each client.

   Deposit 222.00

   Preregistration 888.00

   Registration 999.00

Level 4: Mastery Advanced Facilitator Certification:

5 full days in retreat setting  $1444/$1333 preregistered/ $444 non refundable deposit

Students will be required to document an additional 33 clients (total 44) with 4-5 sessions each to bring appropriate experiential understandings.

We will go even deeper into the scientific background that validates this work.
This is also an introduction to full integration of other modalities.

Required reading list includes:

Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton 

The Field by Lynn McTaggart 

The Living Energy Universe by Gary Schwartz and Linda Russek  

Come prepared for full discussion of these principles.

Also recommended is The Genie in My Genes by Dawson Church.  We will also watch the 4 DVDs of Nassim Haramein.

This is also full integration of other modalities.


   Deposit 444.00

   Preregistration 1333.00

   Registration 1444.00

Level 5: Workshop Facilitator Training Program (Train the Trainer)

For those who want to teach the Basic Practitioner Level 1 and 2 Workshops.

Pre-Requisite  Advanced Facilitator Certification.
An additional 11 clients in the form of 5 session paid packages for each, is required to demonstrate experience and level of professional intent before the final step of arranging 2 co-teaching workshops where you market and co-ordinate each:

  • As assistant/observer : No Charge
  • As full facilitator with assistant : Co-ordinate the event; split proceeds after costs.
  • Workshop Facilitators will be certified and registered to deliver the Personal Clearing and the Basic Facilitator Training Levels only