What Clients are Saying

“I had never felt completely whole, but this process has allowed me to become ME, a total human being: Spirit, mind and body.”

Carla M. Taos, New Mexico

“I have never felt so free and so joyful! My asthma is completely gone!! And I didn’t have to believe!”

Fran Hewitt, Langley, BC

“One hour of healing with Maureen from Inner Resonance Technologies has changed the quality of my life. She guided me through a remarkable process that shifts residue emotional “stuff”. She taught me a technique I can utilize whenever I need to. Everyone I know who has gone to her has been equally impressed with the positive results her unique method has achieved!”

Dee Anderson, M.A.

The Well Within, Bowen Island, BC

“The value to know that it can be done by me, just knowing it was inside me and what it can be used for.”

Amelia, South Dakota

Dear Maureen:
I remember the “Resonance Healing” Training that I undertook. Some time has passed. Close to five years I think; but, it is like it happened last week. Something special happened for me in that training. You will recall that I wanted to give over the pain that I harbored in my arms. Modern medical doctors likened it to “tendonitis” and / or “tennis elbow”. I had acquired the pain in a car accident nearly fifteen years before our training session. Obviously, I had become quite accustomed to carrying that pain.

The pain had precluded me from many things I loved, crocheting, needlepoint and beadwork. I also experienced bouts of pain that made it difficult for me to work on the computer at work (at that time computer work was just becoming a necessity in my work). I had given up hope of ever being “cured” or of having freedom from this pain.

Then, resonance healing changed all that for me. I remember clearly the exercise.  The trainee I was working with had declared herself a skeptic, but she lifted that pain from my arms and I remember the feeling that I had as I “gave over” the pain to her.

Today I can only tell you the pain has never returned. I am able to use the computer at work and I do beadwork and crochet, when I have time. I have to tell you that I am grateful for you and for the unselfish way that you share your gift. Thank you. Hoych’ka Si:yam. MAY ONLY the GOOD SPIRITS GUIDE YOU
Shirley Anne Hardman,   Coordinator, Aboriginal Programs, University of the Fraser Valley, Chilliwack, BC.



For the past 2 years I have suffered with carpel tunnel that affected my hands, wrists, elbows and on up to my shoulders. To avoid the surgeon’s knife, I have been getting acupuncture once to twice a week for 1 year plus I have had 6 months worth of agonizing serious deep tissue massage that has been absolutely excruciating.

After my first treatment of IRT and massage with Maureen, my joints felt 95% better. After the second treatment, I can happily say my shoulders on down to my fingers have not felt this good for as long as I can remember.

I have also had a chronic pain in my lower back that seems to have always plagued me no matter how much stretching or chiropractic work I have done. Maureen took me back in time to discover that the pain was caused by a fatal knife wound from a past life. She “removed” the knife and the energy attached to the incident that has been stuck in my auric field and my cellular memory all this time. The spot where the knife came out has been transformed and is no longer in a big tight knot.

This healing has changed my life, physically and spiritually in ways I would never have imagined. The best thing, I know this healing keeps on working long after the session is over.

It is life changing and I would recommend it to anyone that is ready to let go of all the old ‘junk’ that no longer serves a purpose and is causing pain, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Colleen Gibson

Colleen All Dogs - Doggie Daycare

Maureen, in life, as in business, it is often difficult and challenging to connect the “dots”. In this case, the work we did with you, and resulting road that our business has taken seems to be in this sphere. I believe in the philosophy of your work, and the underlying impact on the direction and resulting path that I it helped to put our business on.

Our business has taken an entirely new direction, and I cannot help but believe your system impacted this process in many ways. Our team is working together better than we could have hoped for, and our business is tight and focused. We are all so pumped up about where we are and where we are going.

I recall that you emphasized how your system would begin working once we completed our sessions with you, and continue working in some underlying sphere that does not always cause lightening response, but with time would be significant, and I have to say it is exactly what has happened.

Our success, it seems, is only a short distance from where we are today, and we are very happy that it is with good conscience and creativity that we have found our calling in the business world, and your work was definitely a part of this.

Thank you Maureen for helping us get on the right path!”

Kerry Groves

Maximum integration

“We have had the distinguished pleasure of working with Maureen on a personal as well as professional level. Introduced first by Carnegie Business Group, we worked as colleagues available to solve the challenges of Dale Carnegie’s corporate clients by referral.

A few months back we expressed privately to Maureen our challenges with a client whom had recently undergone corporate management change at the highest level. Conflict was rife and affected our level of success. After much stick handling with the client and using every resolution technique known to our team of experts, we came to the conclusion that there was not much else to do except perhaps walk away from the contract. Not wishing to give up easily, we contracted Maureen whom I consider to be a “Professional Corporate Healer”. After being introduced as such to the principals at our client, they agreed to meet with her.

After only 2 hours, and just the initial consult, all three partners seemed to change. Change within themselves as well as with others. Miraculously, we were able to continue with the contract and resolve their issues. The client became so happy with our work that they even agreed to continue with a maintenance program with us for a full year.

We continually acknowledge Maureen for her source of commitment and healing abilities. Because of these and her extraordinary professionalism and sensitivity to all situations, we recommend Maureen highly and encourage everyone to inquire and use the power she shares.”
Pauline O’Malley, President

Pauline O’Malley

President, The Revenue Builder