Five Fridays “Free UP  Your Fabulous Self!

INSTANTLY Clear Limiting Programs and Old Stuck Patterns
GRACEFULLY Create from Clarity and Alignment with your Heart
EFFORTLESSLY Wake up and Free Up your most Fabulous Self

Location: Whitby”s Books 14877 Marine Dr, White Rock, BC  (604) 536-3711


pay now with paypal in US dollars or email me to pay other methods

78.00 US Dollars for five sessions paid on line 

18.00 US Dollars per evening  paid online  now


25.00 Canadian Dollars at the door.

If you would prefer to use your Credit Card email me

Canadians may use Interac – email for more information

Maureen Edwardson, originator of Inner Resonance Technologies, will give you a group experience of the IRT protocol. Her book “Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed – The Science of Inner Resonance” is available for download


Read the science about how and why IRT allows you to create miracles in your life so safely and effortlessly.

My Book is Available for instant download   Get it Now

Endorsed by Bruce Lipton.