Inner Resonance Technologies

Beyond Belief – Creating New Realities

Who Do You Think You Are? Are You Only Human?

Has your belief that you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience really landed for you?

Are you still seeking to re-member who you truly are, and how to share your gifts in greater service to the World?

UNDERSTAND and ACTIVATE the science of YOU to reveal and EXPERIENCE and CLAIM your GRANDEST Spiritual SELF,

Here NOW!

HUman:ReDefined as GODman!!

Are You A Challenged Change Maker?

One on One and/or Team Group Sessions for optimizing your Grandest SELF, as you CLARIFY your Vision and ACCELERATE your Mission to


Are You A Revolutionary Evolutionary Ready for the Next Level?

Unleash and Activate Your Evolutionary Codes to ReDefine Your HU:manity with group Imaginal Programs to take us to the NEXT LEVEL of our Ascension as GODman!

EXCITING NEW PROGRAMS ie: Tooth Regeneration, My Age: My Choice, The Cosmic Chrysalis

Hello! I’m Maureen Edwardson

Pioneer, Futurist, Author

Inner Resonance Technologies has evolved out of my own personal journey of healing, as is often the case with new discoveries.
The death of my mother before my first daughter was a year old put me on a spiritual quest that was the foundation for much of what followed. Click below for the rest of my story…

My Approach

Is different from most other modalities as I do not need to know anything.  You don’t need to know or share anything, either.

I do nothing to you or for you.

As Dr. Bruce Lipton says, “We are all out of our minds, because our minds are a Field of Consciousness surrounding the body where all the signals come from, which the body instantly acts out”.  “The Field (Consciousness) is the sole governing agency of the particle (body)”, Albert Einstein.

IRT allows our Super Conscious Self that knows truly who we are, to neutralize unresolved, limiting experiences held in our Field.  We are then free to relax and effortlessly express our most Authentic SELF, ready to create from PURE choice.

My Expertise

Curiosity with Expert Influence

Waking Up Ancient Knowledge Within

Maureen Edwardson, the originator of Inner Resonance Technologies (IRT), has been studying, evolving and sharing the IRT Protocol, fully explained in her book “Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed – The Science of Inner Resonance” for 33 years. Maureen has shared these teachings at US Bureau of Indian Affairs national conferences and US tribal school trainings, with shamans of the Republic of Altai, medical and physics professors from the research institutes in Novosibirsk and Moscow, Russia, and in Scandinavia… 


"I've never felt so free and so joyful! My asthma is completely gone!! And I didn't have to believe!"

Fran Hewitt, Langley BC

"The value to know it can be done by me, just knowing it was inside me and what it can be used for"

Amanda, South Dakota

"I had never felt completely whole but this process allowed me to become ME, a total human being: Spirit, mind and body"

Carla M, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

Pat Patterson, IRT student and Psychology Doctoral Candidate speaks of IRT

Meet Naz De Bono CEO Originator of Xali Women’s Wellness Movement

Maureen’s book is a HOW TO that explains the links between Science and Spirituality and gives the background of how and why IRT works.

There is also a catalogue of case conditions resolved with IRT from A to Z plus a journal to Track Your Progress.


Dr. Bruce Lipton blesses the front cover with the endorsement:

“Maureen’s pioneering efforts are vital to our evolution.”