Christina A Joy: Kauai, Hawaii

Christina Joy has facilitated IRT Sessions for 9 years with great success. Christina Joy is also a brilliant and clear psychic medium with a special gift for bringing all aspects and levels of one’s consciousness into conscious communication.

Christina Joy is also a Reiki Master, Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.

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Kristine Kinner: Sidney by the Sea BC Canada

Kristine is a certified facilitator of IRT for 7 years.  She is passionate in assisting everyone to live their best life through IRT!

Kristine enjoys living by the ocean, dancing, and is a professional artist, whose unique style has captured international interest. Find her art at   

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Kat Haber: Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii

Kat is an IRT Facilitator of just over a year. She loves to dance through life as a climate action strategist, TEDx Organizer & world peace advocate. She helps climate-concerned & their networks identify solutions to do daily in their lives in fun ways. As a founder of The Trust Climate Action Strategist Team and Living Brightly for international youth, she includes IRT in all her endeavours.

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Carrie Ell: Langley BC Canada

Carrie is passionate about “helping others, help themselves” using IRT.  She is honoured to be a Facilitator of the incredibly simple, life- shifting, IRT for 9 years, which puts “You” in the driver’s seat of your own reality!

Along with IRT, Carrie is trained in many modalities including Akashic Records reader, Quantum Biofeedback and EFT. Her other passion is her family and their many critters.

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Sheryl Thompson: Boston Massachusetts

Sheryl is an enthusiast for humanity.  She is fully dedicated to empowering you to attain your highest aspirations. She loves that IRT allows you to live a rewarding and harmonious life that nourishes your relationships, finances, physical well-being, heart, and mind.

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Alfredo Diaz: Maui Hawaii

Alfredo is a visionary, author, international keynote speaker, and video producer. With much effort, faith and dedication, in his 20+ year healing journey, including IRT, Alfredo has birthed wisdom and inspiration. In 2023, he underwent a personal transformation, reflecting his next Purpose: catalyzing change and guiding us with wisdom filled inspiration to rise above trauma. Join in this collective journey towards evolution and ascension, inspired by Alfredo’s profound experiences in Maui.

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Heidi Fryman VanRossum: Minnesota US

Heidi became an IRT Facilitator after working with Maureen Edwardson and experiencing the truly amazing and transformative benefits of IRT. Her dream is to now help others uncover their own unique and authentic voice so they can live the joy-filled life that is their birthright. Heidi also works as a self-employed Hair Stylist, a Wellness Coach and artist. You can find her work at

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Josephine Marie Stawicki: New York US

Josephine M. Stawicki is a lifelong learner – and a long-time advocate for stem cell research since working at BioSpherix LTD from 2004-2009.

Josephine has been on the edges of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s leading-edge research for many years before finding IRT serendipitously.  IRT has helped Josephine not only with her personal  “magical evolution”, but in the lives of each participant! And many more to come

Josephine is also a professional musician in Upstate New York

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Kumara Llanera: Edmonton Canada

Kumara is not just an esteemed spiritual teacher from The School of the Heart but also a beacon of ancient wisdom. His teachings are deeply rooted in knowledge passed down from living masters like Drunvalo Melchizedek and Daniel Mitel, combined with an innate understanding of our collective identity, making him a unique guide in the realm of spiritual exploration

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Turu Marx: Colorado

Hello I’m Turu.  I’ve never fit into a neat box!                Being a professional musician took me overseas on wild adventures for many years. That, along with a deep desire to step into the wellness world, led my journey to learn multiple modalities, including Pilates, sound healing, hypnosis, and KALI – Kundalini Activation Light Integration, deepening my intuitive gifts. I am truly excited to bring IRT to the world and feel grateful to have found this incredible modality.

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Charlotte LeFrank: Windsor Canada

Hello! As a performing artist working in social services, I have used holistic approaches to public education, abuse prevention, critical incidence-trauma response, equitable community building, and injecting love into institutional spaces. In returning to my true essence and optimal well-being, my healing journey has led me to the quantum.  My practice is founded in the knowing that I am not here to heal you, but to see you in your wholeness.  It would be my great pleasure to support you in accessing your most healthy, abundant and JOY-filled self through IRT!

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Linda Rodriguez: Tampa Florida US

As a spiritual seeker, I found Maureen through Dr Bruce Lipton and was curious and intrigued. After working with Maureen and directly experiencing the incredible benefits of removing what I am not and seeing who I truly am, I decided to become a facilitator for the greater good, so that everyone can discover who they truly are as well.  Being a professional interpreter for many years, I am available for any Spanish speakers.

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Pat Patterson Massachusetts US

Pat is a lifelong seeker of spiritual truth. She has a heart to facilitate transformation for others as it has been facilitated for her so many times. She  works with those who struggle with substance use disorder and mental illness for over 30 years and is excited to provide IRT which puts individuals in charge of creating their own story. Pat is available to work with those seeking to embrace the journey of transformation to clear their past and create their future.

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