Frequently Asked Questions

IRT is a completely different paradigm in that it works in the Superconscious, beyond Conscious or Physical Awareness, in the Quantum Timelessness here NOW.

What and How?

Is IRT like Reiki, coaching, counseling, Jin Shin Do, any other modality or service?

No. IRT is a catalyst for all other modalities to make them even more efficient.

What is a catalyst and how does IRT do this?

A catalyst is something that is added to something else, activating change and then is removed, itself remaining unchanged.
By shifting the underlying root core causes and everything that has become associated or connected with the issue wanting help, IRT activates the individual’s own system to rebalance and harmonize itself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What is IRT?

Basically, IRT asks a formula of several questions that allows you to set the inner conditions and agreements that frees up your system to heal itself.
IRT re-activates the built in programs that have been interrupted by stress or trauma of some kind, switching on the bodymind’s innate ability to rebalance and harmonize itself by clearing out those interference patterns.

What is an interference pattern?

Information stored by the system to protect you from being hurt. When the dangers are over, these protections become blocks to your system being fully functional, using up considerable energy on storing these outdated memories. They become patterns of automatic, reactive behaviours, inappropriately expressed.  

What and Who?

What conditions does IRT help?

Physical: from simple injuries to serious, chronic and terminal illnesses, IRT empowers you to activate the self-healing regenerative programs of the body through the power of the mind and spirit, which have command over the physical, human world.
e.g. arthritis, asthma, cancer, surgeries, accidents, addictions, IBS etc.

Mental/Emotional: Because every thought or emotion has a chemical signature in the system, IRT helps to create a chemistry of wholeness, allowing pathways to get switched back on. By clearing the pain or “charge” from old memories in the bodymind systems, clarity, insights and information are available with more objectivity, allowing healthier, more productive choices. This results in achieving more of your potential.
e.g. PTSD, trauma, sexual abuse, stress overload, addictions etc.

Spiritual: When confusion and old pain are released, new found clarity leads to freedom to know and express more of who you truly are, feeling connected and whole, sometimes for the first time. This brings meaning and inner peace to all parts of your life.
e.g. feeling confused, lost, directionless, unknown purpose, lonely, disconnected.

How many sessions do people need?

Normally, 1-5 sessions (of an hour or two) are helpful for the main issues that need help. Why I suggest 5 is because the first time the subconscious (whose job is to protect us) encounters something outside of its experience, it is cautiously accepting and sometimes invalidating after the fact; the second time the new information is accepted on the logical side of the brain; the third time on the emotional side of the brain and the fourth time, greater integration is allowed; 5 is the number of positive change and the number of grace. 5 is the Fifth Element and the basic building block of nature. Because this is such an empowering model, from the first session you have the tools for continuing your own process on a daily basis. However if you book and pay for a package of 5 sessions up front there is a discount.

Is the benefit permanent or do the issues come back over time?

For most people, the issues are resolved permanently, but only your system knows what it can handle at any given time, so everyone has a different response. You are however, equipped with tools  for self healing to keep “peeling off the layers” as needed on a daily basis.

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