Welcome to my brand new website!  As a non techie I have been blessed to have friends build my previous two sites.  However I put on my Big Girl Boots and decided to try on the Webster Hat!  This has been a project full of procrastination and distractions over the last two years.  With most of my excuses, called family, more independent now (it had been Covid after all with two Only Parent daughters, each in turn with a new baby) I decided that I needed to step up and delve in. I am just 73 (1), so a new beginning has opened the door!

I found a WordPress theme that was actually fun and so it was Game ON!  This is a Brave New World for me and therefore I hope you will give me constructive feedback as to what you like and what you don’t, with suggestions welcome.

Please enjoy and better yet, engage with me to explore your Bliss, your Passion, your Purpose!!! The World needs us to show up more than ever with our best hearts aglow with loving gifts in our outstretched arms to contribute to Heaven on Earth.

Let’s jump on the Magic Carpet together, chat about our Possibilities and unleash our Potential together!!

Maureen Edwardson

Maureen Edwardson

Maureen, Visionary Pioneer is originator of Inner Resonance Technologies, and author of Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed, endorsed on the front cover by Dr. Bruce Lipton. Connect at www.maureenedwardson.com/contact