OK!  It’s a GO for the next training!!!  SO Excited!  Who else wants to join us?

Our NEXT IRT Intro to Facilitator training is MAY 11/12th, Sat/Sun  

If interested please Contact me 

Pre Requisite: (Ideally) Completion of a 5 session Package before training starts.  If you are wanting a discounted package, contact me for a list of IRT Facilitators looking for practicum clients.

Training Hours: 10am – 4pm PST each day with a break every 2 hours.


Introduction to IRT Facilitator Training:  A 2 day training. There will be demos and full experiential practice with each other in breakout sessions, with support and feedback, leading to starting to create your own worded templates of IRT, with a view to greater confidence before practicing with others.

Practicum:  For 2 months – Practice with 11 separate clients with 1 to 5 documented sessions each, with a verbal report to Maureen as a prerequisite to Certification is required. 

IRT Certification Completion:  A 3 day training where we bring our successes and questions together for next level understandings with more experiential breakout practice plus demos. We also polish our individualized and personalized IRT templates, strengthening our confidence to set up a professional IRT practice. When complete, you are eligible to be listed on Maureen’s IRT website Facilitator Page for free.


$1111.11 One on One 5 Session Package Pre Requisite OR contact me for access to IRT Facilitators doing Practicum sessions for discounted fees

$444 Introduction to Facilitation 2 day Training

$555 Certification Completion 3 day Training

OR $888 if Facilitator Training Combo committed to and paid in advance.

Maureen Edwardson

Maureen Edwardson

Maureen, Visionary Pioneer is originator of Inner Resonance Technologies, and author of Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed, endorsed on the front cover by Dr. Bruce Lipton. Connect at www.maureenedwardson.com/contact