This Image is Spiral Galaxy ngc 2835 which is literally the birthing of a new star!

Being a Grandmother for the first time in 2018 brought New life energy into my reality.
Being in the moment and looking at everything through the eyes of innocence and trust is a gift to give ourselves every day, no matter how old we get! Wouldn’t that solve a lot of our issues, especially relationship issues if we could see everyone, especially ourselves, fresh every day?
In fact the older we get the more important it becomes to see everything anew by clearing our old programs and filters that no longer serve us….they do build up, no? Interfere with us? Oh YES!!!

Collectively and personally we are experiencing extreme heaviness that is no longer possible to carry the more we carry on without clearing….dis ease and de press ion is disconnecting us not only from each other, but our own selves in each moment. We are getting put on notice by our bodies and fractured minds and world that something needs to change. Anyone with me on this?

SO how do we return to innocence and trust, fresh and open to New Life of our hopes and dreams?

Inner Resonance does a clean sweep of all levels of memory on all aspects of who we are effortlessly, immediately and completely…FOR WHAT IS READY only in each moment!!! And only your higher self and subconscious knows that for sure!! So we let go and surrender to the part of us that does know!!
The gift of IRT is that you don’t have to know consciously or figure it out and most of all, your body does not need to ACT it out or process! Everything is known and neutralized in your FIELD! Different, right?

Any questions, please contact me for a Complementary Discovery Session on the home page of my website here! Shift happens and YOU are the CHOOSER! Why not choose effortless grace?

Magic and freedom awaits you…..Become refreshed and give yourself New Life as your Greater SELF!

Maureen Edwardson

Maureen Edwardson

Maureen, Visionary Pioneer is originator of Inner Resonance Technologies, and author of Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed, endorsed on the front cover by Dr. Bruce Lipton. Connect at