Dr. Bruce Lipton says:

“Maureen’s pioneering efforts are vital to our evolution”

James A Sinclair is the Film Maker of the award winning “What IF – The Movie” in 2009, and “The Grand Self Movie” released in 2020

Maureen Edwardson is a pure jewel and a pure blessing to humanity. She has created a wonderful technique called Inner Resonance Technologies (IRT)

According to Maureen’s words, this IRT is “all about BEing and allowing everything that is not who we are… the illusion of separation… to be dissolved, revealing our magnificence that shines in its BEingness with nothing to DO.”

Her amazing book – Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed- (read and loved it) has been endorsed by Bruce Lipton!!! In a nutshell, “Maureen’s Pioneering Efforts are Vital to Our Evolution” Dr. Bruce Lipton.

All is said. I’ve worked with Maureen and can attest that not only she’s wonderful, so is her quantum technique.

I can reconnect any time to my quantum blueprint thanks to her, and that, in itself, is a true miracle.” Anne.

Anne Puybasset Being Boundless Coach

Andrew Cameron Bailey’s Astounding Testimonial

“I have been on an amazing journey

since I met this magnificent woman!

Go for IT!”

“IRT is based in sound science AND is the most magical shift I have ever encountered” Ashara

Ashara Love 

“If you wanna rock your own world, get in on this opportunity to find out what is POSSIBLE when you drop the baggage and call in your OWN infinite possibilities!

“After many shifts in lifestyle, perspective, biofield education, I found the work in IRT with Maureen profound. Nedra Fabro.”

“Creating our best lives sometimes takes us full circle. I am back in New York City working at 1 New York Plaza, moving to Brooklyn, and spending as much time as I can at my cottage in Belfast, Maine. My first week remote will be in this beautiful, peaceful spot on the lake with a quick swim or kayak to start and finish the busy days. Feels a little like thirty years just flew by and I am right back in places I love. Life is really good!” Nedra

A 20 minute Conversational Description of an IRT Experience

by Amanda Masters CEO Awake Universe

"This is late July of 2011 and I have been totally allergy free this year."

Erin, Bowen Island, BC

"After the Xray of my broken ribs, I had to wait 24 hours for swelling to go down, so I had an IRT Session with Maureen. The second Xray showed no broken bones so the doctor, confused, sent me away."


"One of the most wonderful things to happen is that today I feel so peaceful as I have carried so much anxiety most of my life."


“I woke up this morning knowing that there was something I needed to shift, something holding me back from the abundance that we are all due.

Luckily Maureen was able to take me on one of her magical carpet rides…. its SO easy, my image was there immediately… my dog was the driver, goggles and all.

I was holding onto handles at the sides, and then she guided me into my abundance.  If there was a block, an absence, or a space in the image I would mention it,

she would ask questions, offer suggestions/stories, we would discuss them and when my realisation was complete so was the image.  Eventually we flew off into the stars

just like all those Santa Claus rides over the houses.  All this in 30mins, no angst, just an awareness followed by a resolution and I know this is now going to play out for me. 

I cannot recommend Maureen’s methods/skills/knowledge more highly… you may need a short session or a long session or several sessions,

but whatever your need, it will be worth the ride !”

Sue Hall, Vancouver Island

IRT Stories

“It is beyond belief how things R changing 4 me.

New landlord @ new place is thrilled I am renting and letting me move in early 4 my convenience. Son & granddaughter are going to try to come & help me move.

I am better able to understand people objectively/no hurt or anger. This is most astounding as I was the complete opposite.

One of the most wonderful things to happen is that today I feel so peaceful as I have carried so much anxiety most of my life.”


“I came to see Maureen in the middle of 2010 spring allergy season as I was suffering greatly as I had done for many years. With only one session of IRT, I have not had allergy symptoms since. This is late July of 2011 and I have been totally allergy free this year.”

Erin, Bowen Island, BC

“Maureen first worked with me in July, helping me with a throat condition that had bothered me for nearly a year off and on and every day since February.  Between February and July I had anywhere from five to ten or more episodes a day.  It would start with a scratch, then a cough.  Sometimes I would have dry heaving, then my nose would start to run, my eyes would water, all the while coughing.  Each episode would last about fifteen minutes, then it would settle down and I felt fine again. There was no medical reason for this.  It appeared to be allergies though no testing was ever done. 

After the first session with Maureen the number of episodes I experience reduced to one a day and sometimes for a few days with none. I followed Maureen’s instructions and did the breath/touch each morning and evening and sometimes in between for the next few weeks.  After a while my throat problems were gone. 

During that first session with Maureen I also worked on my high blood pressure. There were three more sessions with Maureen through the summer and when I visited my G.P. my blood pressure was normal and has remained so. 

In September I was in a car accident.  The car was a write off and I suffered internal bruising and a broken sternum.  After another session with Maureen my internal bruising eased off, and after two weeks I was hardly in any pain.  I was told it would take weeks for this bruising to surface and heal.  I was also told that my sternum would take at least six weeks to heal and maybe longer (there will be an x-ray done at six weeks).  However I have had no more pain or discomfort since the first week after the accident. 

I was put on blood pressure meds two years ago this November and even then my blood pressure was never at the right level.  Although sometimes it was lower than others, it is only since Maureen worked with me that it is really down, even right after the accident when you would expect it to be over the top it was not too bad and returned to normal within a couple of hours.  Paramedics were amazed considering the adrenaline pumping through my body.

My G.P. has agreed to stop the meds if my pressure stays down for the next few months. 

I continue to use breath/touch on a daily basis and find it helps me with not only the physical but also my mental outlook.I am very grateful to Maureen for all the time spent with me and the lessons taught and will continue to work with her.” 


“In the Summer of 2009 I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. I was not interested in conventional treatment and decided to pursue a complementary/alternative healing course of action. I was scheduled to test for my blackbelt in December of 2009, and so had extra motivation to get myself well for that event. In addition to changing my diet and pursuing a course of healing with my doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I also worked with Maureen, as I believe her Inner Resonance Therapy technique is incredibly supportive and helpful no matter what other modalities one may be using. I also feel that my IRT treatments deepened the effectiveness of the other work that I was doing. IRT feels like the glue that kept everything else working together from a deep foundational place. From my work with her, I gained deeper peace and confidence in addition to clearing the underlying factors of my dis-ease. 

After the first session I could complete my Marshall Arts routine for the first time in a couple of months easily and normally, whereas before I was not able to draw a full breath and my heart rate was through the ceiling so I had to pace myself.  Amazingly, after that first session I could, literally overnight, fully engage in my training which was essential to my goal. This was huge!

We did a total of 4 sessions, with one more booster just before the December event, more for extra confidence and focus. 

In December of 2009 I successfully tested for my Tae Kwon Do Blackbelt. I was also symptom-free of the Hyperthyroidism and continue to be so.”

Titania of Tarot with Titania

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