Thank you for registering!

Welcome to Be Michelangelo Course, starting Saturday, January 14th at 12pm noon PST.  This course will happen every second week for a total of 5 times, until March 11th, 2023.

Except for the first event which will have a brief overview, we will meet in silence for a group IRT Protocol, then coming back in silence to be put in breakout rooms with an other to simply read the words of the IRT Evolutionary Protocol out loud to each other.  This allows IRT to be integrated in a different way without asking or sharing any details.  We then come back again in silence, when I will play John Lennon’s Imagine, while we resonate and ripple out the LOVE Frequency being experienced through our hearts to feeling and seeing our world as ONE.

Here below is the promised material to fully engage with us.

Once again thanks for joining us and I look forward to meeting you and shifting our frequencies and experiences into more of our Most Magical Selves, and then resonating this inner peace and wholeness out into the world, by simply BEing our greatest most clarified Self!!! Effortlessly!!!